It’s Time for our Tabernacle!

‘Give us our Mountain’

Sunday (15th) was ‘Miracle Sunday’ at Gateway, we had a great evening the night before at Gateway’s Got Talent, but now we need to get down to the serious business of  re-locating to our new church in a few short months.

I was going to spend some time describing how Sunday went, but I don’t think I could have written it any better than Heather Colyer (Jon’s Mom) did when she sent out the regular prayer email the day after the service. I have taken the liberty of sharing that with you.

Here it is:

Good morning Prayers

Wow, what a weekend.  Not only did we have  brilliant evening’s entertainment on Saturday proving that being a Christian can be great fun, but also we had a fabulous day yesterday proving that Christians are responsible and serious in their response to the Great commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

Jon, as usual, gave a great motivational message , and we, the congregation, responded in kind.  Thank you so much on behalf of the leadership at Gateway to all who signed up as volunteers for the work on the proposed new facility.  Your response was overwhelming and brought pride and joy to my heart and to all the building team.  Simon has agreed to do a spread sheet (whatever that is!) to collate the information and we will get back to you soon with some more specific information.  I have no idea how much money we raised, but I’m sure we made our best pledges and that we will honour them.  For those who visited the site in the afternoon I think people were genuinely inspired and really caught the vision of how much more we will be able to achieve in these premises.  We are getting a phenomenal amount for our money. To buy such a facility would be in the region of three and a half million pounds – we aren’t quite there yet folks!  Please remember what Jon said in the morning about guarding one another in the spiritual realm.  Prayer is not an optional extra, and I presume that as you are part of the email prayer chain you realise that.  We are still in the negotiations arena for this facility financially and we need favour every step of the way.  Please set aside some quality time to pray this through.

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