‘Doing The Work Friday’s’ are here! (Pictures)

‘Doing the Work Friday’s’ have arrived! And there was no shortage of volunteers last night (I had a quick count while I was walking around and I counted at least 25)

The ‘big strapping blokes’ got right into it and started ripping down and moving walls and lots of wires, while others were armed with ‘staple removers’ pliers and buckets taking the (what seemed like) thousands of staples out of the walls. A team of people filling in the holes quickly followed them!

Others were cleaning while hardy Steve Pritchard was trying to avoid the rain as he was chopping down the garden weeds (I say garden, I mean  jungle really!)

And of course – cake and biscuits together with hot & cold drinks were served to everyone by Sandra & Heather (rumour has it that there are baguette’s to eat next week!)

Jon, Angela & the team would like to say a big ‘thank you’  to everyone that gave up their time last night and to remind you that if you would like to join the ‘Doing the Work Fridays’ team, you can do so by visiting the ladies at the information table before or after the Sunday service alternatively you can call the church office during the week.



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2 Responses to ‘Doing The Work Friday’s’ are here! (Pictures)

  1. Anonymous says:

    you look like you all worked hard, l wish l could help that way, but l will do my bitxx love you all its so exciting

  2. Thanks Dot – yeah it’s the start of a new chapter!

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