Friday Night ‘doing the work’ 22nd July 2011(video)

3 weeks in and we are right on schedule!

After the preparation of the last 2 weeks, it was finally time to get the paintbrushes and rollers out and start painting the vast expanse of walls.
Everybody seemed to know where they needed to go and what they were doing thanks to Angela, and apart from a couple of girls who seemed to be getting more paint on their hair and clothes – all seemed to go very well!
We did have a slight drama with Ian Shepherd sustaining a (what can only be described as) small cut to his hand, but a big enough event to grab the attention of most of the women, with Dottie ‘stepping up’ as nurse!
We must also remember the men on the upper floor knocking down and re-positioning walls and lights, oh! And Victor who last time I looked was buried under a mountain of wires and electrical type things!
Once again – thank you to Heather & Sandra for food preparation and service, with lots of help from Dottie this week.

Step by Step!

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